Visual Effects (VFX)

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Being one of the preeminent VFX Services companies in USA, we provide state-of-the-art multimedia solutions, helping you to improve the overall production.

With the excellent combination of technology and creativity, our specialists develop spell bounding VFX Services that catch your viewers minds immediately.

Visual Effects (VFX)

What Do We offer?

A leading provider of Visual Effect Services, we have spread our wings in a broad range of services including VFX, Digital and 3D solutions:


Samaj Infotech provides you with the top-quality of rotoscoping in your projects. Our highly skilled team make sure to bring required output.

Tracking & MatchMove
Tracking & MatchMove

We provide a full set of tracking services such as camera tracking, object tracking, and MatchMove. Being experience, we can manage the most complex solves.


We can manage all your paint and cleanup requirements, such as wire/rig removal, beauty, reflections, and everything in between. You define it, we clean it.

Compositing (2D & 3D)
Compositing (2D & 3D)

Samaj Infotech gives you the chance to achieve an infinite kind of visual effects and design changes without increasing your work.

Leveraging Benefits of Visual Effect Services

The most Definite and Indefinite benefits of hiring VFX artist:


Allow the filmmakers to take benefits of tax

Helps to save time and money without sending a crew to other location for few shots

You can show some famous landmarks to let the public know where the story is taking place

Film Set

Easier to build real in post-production

Support features like touch or walks, moving light and shadows or reflections

No need to build a complete set only partly can be built

Cost Effective

Affordable, simpler and less hassle compare to filming it real

Assist you to develop a unique look, fix mistakes and create something that is appealing for your film

You can invest a few shots with visual effects and use those shots in the trailer

Purpose-driven VFX

Able to fulfilling any brief – big or small

Offer best context for your service with graphics and on-screen text

Allows you to attach layers and more depth to your video for a visually-rich viewing experience

Why Us for Visual Effect Services?

Samaj Infotech, specializes in VFX Services in India. Hire VFX Artist for visual services gives you access to:

Meet Expectations

Being “on time and within budget” has always been our motto. Our strong dedication to severe world-class processes and standards guarantees that the solutions we improve reduce the time to market.


We believe in building a synergistic and close relationship with its customers to achieve a seamless workflow. We are keeping the producer and supervisors in the circle at every stage of production.


We follow the guidelines and best methods of top studios and production houses, has executed security that filters layer from the Administrative level to Physical Infrastructure to a reliable pipeline & Firewall.


We create visual effects that unleash storylines and artistic visions, Recognized for giving boutique-style project management, we back with the technology, performance and work experience of a larger studio with various locations.

Process We Follow

MatchMove and Rotoscoping
1MatchMove and Rotoscoping
Camera Tracking and 3D Modeling
2Camera Tracking and 3D Modeling
Rigging and Graphics Animation
3Rigging and Graphics Animation
Texturing/Shader Works and Effects
4Texturing/Shader Works and Effects
Composting and Final Delivery
6Composting and Final Delivery

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