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Orange Skill Gaming

Advance Tool for Accurately Tracking Your Slot Data

Orange Skill Gaming
  • bootstrap
  • php
  • jquery
  • html5
  • codeigniter

Technologies and Tools Used

Project Highlights

Orange Skill Gaming admin panel adds an interesting dimension to slot play, enabling you to easily record and analyze your experience over various sessions and various machines. Detailed management of your invoices, manage your expenses and cash flow and view your profit and loss with a variety of graphs and mapping solutions. It is updated in real time as you play, so you can gamble smarter. This tool is helpful to monitor precise spending on a slot machine. Also useful to export your expenses and logs into Excel Spreadsheets.

You don't have to keep your own records. Orange Skill Gaming admin panel automatically takes your slot data immediately from the browser without you having to worry about modernizing spreadsheets yourself. All of the spin data is transferred utilizing the latest security technology and is secured with the highest level SSL certificates. Orange Skill Gaming approaches us to design a clean and contemporary admin panel. Using bootstraps and jquery, we are able to easily build the admin panel. The client was extremely satisfied with the results.