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Top Mobile App Development Frameworks for 2019

In recent years, business strategies have seen a paradigm shift and mobile applications have become as necessary as websitesto grow their digital presence. Since the mobile app industry expands at a booming level, the development frameworks have moved within a development as well. Several Mobile App Development Frameworks for Android and iOS platforms have developed over the years. All the modern businesses must go for mobile app development as the world is expanding. With many options available on the platter, it becomes tough to choose which one would suit your business requirements. If you are preparing to spend on a mobile app and confused about the apt choice in frameworks, below are a list of the best mobile app development frameworks that are going to dominate the year 2019.


React Native

A simplified cross-platform framework, React Native wins the first spot as it is open-source in nature and provides great support to the IDEs and other app development tools as completely. It assists as a well-equipped framework for building native apps for both iOS and Android platforms. You can have the choice between ReactJS for web development and React Native for mobile development.


PhoneGap is a cross-platform mobile app development framework that allows developers with a combination of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS just as Ionic does. Those searching for hybrid apps in 2019 should surely think it as a preference because it exceeds in terms of giving a performance and giving flexibility. It can be used for developing apps for Android and iOS operating systems. Furthermore, developers can examine the opportunity of adding more functionalities using plugins.


Ionic is a broadly used mobile app development framework for the advanced devices. A client-side framework, it allows the production of native apps by blending HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. The genuine thing about Ionic is its flexibility; the HTML5 components helps hybrid app development while it can also manage well with great SDKs such as Angular. The framework is compatible with PhoneGap and as well as Cordova.

Mobile App Development Frameworks


Xamarin is linked with Microsoft which makes it a solid app development framework. It can be used for improving apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. The best thing about Xamarin is that it enables developers to share codes with Mac OS and Windows platforms, which provides them the benefit of saving time.

Corona SDK

Another framework that will appear as a champion in 2019 is Corina SDK, which provides the advantage of extraordinary speed. Lua, which is a light-weight programming language, helps the framework and provides it the security, agility, and versatility that it is so well recognized for. Corona is perfect for developers who need to code at high speed but would not agree with the nature of the app.

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI comes up as another powerful mobile app development framework for 2019. A blend of a Bootstrap framework and Angular, this alternative is honored for analyzing the growth of apps using HTML5. This free framework also enables developers to make application of fastclick.js and overthrow.js for building apps that give smooth user experiences.

JQuery Mobile

jQuery is another mobile app framework that is considered as to be one of the forerunners in 2019. This is an HTML5 based framework which operates across various devices with only a particular code report. Furthermore, it can be used for generating websites as well as mobile apps and also helps various operating systems such as Windows, Blackberry, Mac OS, Kindle, Firefox, etc. In two variants, jQuery version can be downloaded, particularly the newest steady version and a customized one.

Wrapping Up

As each project has different requirements, the mobile app framework choice really depends on your pre-requisites. No matter if you’re looking for android app development or iOS app development or would need a cross-platform solution is the main factor that will affect your framework quality. At the same time, consider the other factors such as an attribute to make this choice. The year 2019 has a lot in store, with a huge type of framework choice for businesses looking to invest in mobile app solutions.