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Top WooCommerce Development Trends in 2019

WooCommerce Development Trends in 2019

WooCommerce, being the robust and flexible eCommerce plugin takes most of the market share. Experts state that “78.4% of online stores are powered by WordPress plugin WooCommerce“. Here the best part is that it is completely to use, making WooCommerce Development Service much popular among online shopping websites. 

WooCommerce works seamlessly and also flexible with WordPress websites. It provides several opportunities for developers and store owners alike. Below are the benefits, WooCommerce is the driving force behind many E-commerce that will be trending in 2019

Let’s take a look at Woocommerce development trends 2019:

Mobile Takes Over

Already around 2.8billion people are using mobile devices globally. Definitely, most companies are investing in Woocommerce Development Services to build mobile apps for their websites. It is predicted by experts over 27% of online sales will be completed through mobile devices in 2019. Therefore, if you are not having a mobile app, it’s now the time to choose the change and become responsive to an app.

Vibrant Colors & Combinations

A website is not only a web page which sells products, but it’s a complete package which is able to attract, engage and retain the visitors. In 2019 we’re going to have some vibrant and attractive color combinations which will make your website look engaging and attractive. Color on the WooCommerce website can set the proper aspect of your website, that is why it’s going to be an ideal option to hire a WooCommerce development services provider to fully convey the vital feelings to visitors move and help them.

More Personalized Shopping

Customers like to feel recognized for visiting a website. This is something which can be made feasible by knowing the actions of each person and giving personalized shopping experiences. It is not only about fetching customer’s name but also knowing about their language, location, and shopping habits also. Using WooCommerce development services, it’s reasonable for businesses to explain visitors local events or sales that would be of their benefit.

WooCommerce Development Trends in 2019

Flexible Designs

WordPress is known for the flexibility it offers in design. It enables the WooCommerce development services providers to develop websites using their best content management tools. The flexibility not only assists in attracting more visitors to web-store but also engage them to keep coming for more in the future. Consider investing in fluidic design while generating a website as it is going to be the mobile-first era in 2019.

Product Videos

People are seeing something more than product images. Now they are enhancing the feature of product video, which shows the products from every visitors and corner know about the features of the product also without reading the description of the product. Incorporating product videos is one of the most engaging WooCommerce web development trends for 2019.

Parallax Scrolling

This something very engaging and attractive, making the website looking very advanced and out of the box. Parallax scrolling has come in reality for some time and obtained great fame among online shopping platform as well as blog owners. And it’s possible to be in trend in future also. This enables WooCommerce development companies to generate an immersive effect on visitors and improves customer engagement.

End Notes

WooCommerce has been a trending platform among online shopping website owners globally. In the year 2019 also it’s going to trend and the above-mentioned benefits are definitely going to make it simpler for WooCommerce development service companies to build websites that attract, engage and retain visitors for enhanced sales and income.